Saturday, August 4, 2007


"What is inside of me, and what is around me, I ultimately bring into my life"

When I heard this and comprehended it then I realized this is an opportunity to start taking charge of all that was happening in my life from the inside out. Because I was attracting it from the energy of my world which is 30 feet all around me which holds all the records & memory and experiences; things I did or did not do, things I said or did not say, actions I took or did not take that were not constructive. I think you get the meaning here. There is no need any more to feel victim or to blame or judge yourself or anyone. The situations that you are surrounded with, the people, circumstances, limitations, lack, health issues you name it is because of what is inside you and the appearances are instruments to show what is inside you. I started to thank the people and appearances in my life that came to show me what is inside me instead of doing what we always do, blame others, judge others, judging ourselves, feel sorry for our self or feel victim or may be giving up etc. When you recognize what it is and take the steps to let it go then ultimately you do not bring it back into your life. This is a means of changing your vibration to bring into your life what you desire and not what you don't want. It is mastering what you are always surrounded with. That is becoming a master and having yourself in your own power.
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GreenInsight said...


Is there a personal process necessary between realizing my surroundings are a reflection of myself and letting it go? I don't like my surroundings, but I don't blame them - I see similar issues in all my relationships, so I do know the cause is in the mirror. How do I get from this place to where I want to be?